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11-04-2018 Girlsday 2018: we participate! 

Tomorrow it is Girlsday! During this day, various companies across the country open their doors to enable girls from secondary schools and vocational education to get acquainted with working in technology and ICT. Girlsday is only for girls. The aim is to ensure that the girls later on choose the science subjects and eventually go to work in the technology and/or ICT sector.

Lode Holding and its subsidiaries also participate in Girlsday 2018! We have drawn up an extensive and diverse program. Twenty girls from the Werkman College in Groningen are given a tour in the factory where our ergometers are made, discover what VR can mean for rehabilitation and which equipment is used by top athletes such as Dafne Schippers and Usain Bolt. They are also subjected to a test here and there. Who can, for example, jump the highest? Or has the best response capacity?

Girlsday is an initiative of VHTO, National expertise agency for girls/women and science/technology. More than 11000 girls (aged 10 to 15 years) participate in Girlsday 2018 at 358 beta, technical and ICT companies. In the Netherlands, too few girls still opt for science, technology and ICT. By inviting girls, companies and technical departments from other organizations let the girls know that they are very welcome in the technology and/or ICT sector.





01-03-2018 Subsidiary ProCare now also based in Belgium

Yesterday, ProCare B.V., in addition to Groningen en Amsterdam, opened the new branch at the Innovation en Icubation Centre (I&I) in Leuven - Belgium. The official establishment of the Belgian version of ProCare B.V. also took place. The opening is a big step forward in realizing the growth ambitions in Belgium and the Benelux.

ProCare is certainly nog stranger to the Belgian country. 'The Belgian market has grown enormously for us in recent years. Currently, 15% of our customers are already in Belgiu', says Harrie Baas, Director. The University of Leuven and the University Hospital Leuven are among the top ten clients of the past three years. Both clients with whom a good relationship has been built up and with which a long-term cooperation is put in, just like in Groningen and Amsterdam. The new office is therefore within walkin gdistance of the university. Read the full message here on the ProCare website

Vestiging Belgie


 27-2-2018 Growth thanks to cooperative

Lode Holding is a member of Life Cooperative from the very beginning. It started as a coalition of five visionary LifeSciences entrepreneurs, who decided on the 15th of August in 2014 to set up a cooperative to reduce their costs and increase their income through intensive cooperation. Now, three years later, the Life Cooperative converts more than € 200 million per year with 21 members and 2000+ employees. Today Dagblad van het Noorden published a nice article about this.

20180227 Groei dankzij cooperatie





7-2-2018 aXtion proud of ISO 27001 and NEN7510 certification

aXtion is an IT organization focused on innovative projects and operates in healthcare, government, safety and hospitals and is part of Lode Holding BV. 'Our customers worst nightmare would be their sensitive data exposed. aXtion was already a reliable partner in this field, but the certification is a desired confirmation', says Johannes Wolters (director). It has now been proven that aXtion employs a policy that focuses on the reliability, availability and integrity of information.


aXtion is a specialized company based at the Zernike Campus in Groningen, the Netherlands. Although a significant proportion of youth care in the Netherlands uses the questionnaire application built and maintained by them, aXtion remains modest. 'Responding to customer requirements is something that naturally goes well with us. That starts with good listening, but also translating those wishes into responsible applications is something that is in our genes' (Erwin te Bos, manager).
A number of large occupational health and safety services are customers for this reason, with aXtion building the application in which measurement data from all control rooms come together and can be used by occupational physicians and management. With the certification aXtion has demonstrated that the information that is processed for its customers is in save hands at aXtion.


ISO 27001 is an important international standard for information security, focused on the process of setting up security measures. The standard specifies requirements for designing, implementing, executing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS). NEN 7510 is a national standard for information security in the healthcare sector. NEN 7510 describes measures to adequately deal with the (sensitive) information that goes around in the healthcare sector. As with ISO 27001, the purpose of this standard is also to guarantee the reliability, availability and integrity of information.


IMG 0571





13-11-2017 Lode Holding proudly part of talent-exhibition

A very special edition of City of Talent shows what Groningen has to offer. We are proud that the portrait of Johannes Wolters (CEO Lode Holding) has been selected to be part of this. The talent-exhibition will decorate the city center of Groningen till the 27th of November. The board-busters can be admired at the Akerk and Stationsplein.

20171113 City of Talent A-kerk klein




08-10-2017 Lode Holding Teams run the 4 mile of Groningen for the 11th time!

Full of energy, 2 Lode Holding Teams joined this 4-mile run in Groningen. If you believe that moving is crucial for a healthy and happy life, than you must be a good example yourself. We are therefor participants in various sporting events. Facilitating and stimulating participation is one of the ways we demonstrate that we are a vital company. Preparing together and delivering a performance is not only fun, it strengthens our team spirit and supports the good atmosphere. Up to next year!  






09-09-2017 Lode Holding looks back on an already legendary Campus Trail!

We look back on an already legendary Campus Trail 2017! Thank you for your participation; amazing that so many companies, students, board members, researchers and, of course, the large group of employees have joined the event. As an initiator we are very satisfied. Up to next year!

After this successful first edition of the Campus Trail, Kris Tuinier (Dean/Director of the Institute for Sport Studies Hanzehogeschool Groningen) was given the opportunity to organize this event on the Zernike Campus in the context of their 100th anniversary next year and to Henk Snapper (Board Member UMCG) to also organize an event on the Healthy Ageing Campus. To be continued!

Team CampusRun



09-09-2017 "Responding to increasing value of knowledge for the moving person"

An interview in the September edition of Visie Magazine gives an interesting perspective on Lode Holding. Johannes Wolters (CEO Lode Holding) tells about the influence of development towards self-reliance and the increasing importance of knowledge on Lode Holding. Lode Holding has grown form manufacturer and supplier to a service knowledge partner in Life Science. The key question is how we can facilitate customers better so that the can help people to be able to move more, longer, and better, to improve and extend the quality of their lives.

Click here to read the full edition of Visie Magazine.

Artikel Visie Magazine


 31-08-2017 "World famous athletes train on devices made in Groningen"


Yesterday, City of Talent published an interview with Johannes Wolters, CEO of Lode Holding. Curious about the article? You can read it here.

Portret City of Talent





19-3-2017 Lode Holding Initiates First Campus Trail at Zernike Campus


Always wanted to know what is happening behind all those doors at Zernike Campus Groningen? Then join the Campus Trail on Friday, September 15th, 2017. Run with family, friends, colleagues, college students and campus residents on the Zernike Campus during this new sporting event! A special 4-mile run during the week in which the sports center celebrates its 50th anniversary. Not only through streets and parks, but also across the buildings on the Zernike Campus. The initiators of the Campus Trail are: Groningen campus, the sports center, ACLO, Lode Holding and Business Association WEST.

"An active event on the Campus that shows 'Healthy Ageing' was long wished for by Lode Holding. We believe that movement is crucial to health, functioning and performance. Our business is focused on the reliable measurement and monitoring of moving and performance. As residents of the Campus we are excited that this event takes place here and we will gladly show the inside of our company building." Johannes Wolters said (Lode Holding).


Start and finish

At 14:00, the first participants will start form the ACLO Sports Center. The challenging trail of a total of 6.5 kilometers crosses different buildings. Of course through as many places you would not see otherwise as possible. The finisch and starting location are at the ACLO Sports Center where participants can receive a medal after the event.



You can register via Be quick, because for this first edition, a maximum of 1000 participants is allowed. If you are a student then enter your student number and receive a €5,- discount. Follow the event on Facebook for up-to-date information about the trail.



19-3-2017 ProCare opens new office in Amsterdam

ProCare, subsidiary of Lode Holding, has moved her office to the Olympic Stadium. The activities of ProCare are focused on mainly human movement and performance measures. In addition to the medical market, their applications find their way in the field of sports. Therefore the Olympic Stadium is the perfect location matching the ambitions of the company. Read more on the ProCare website:


7-3-2017 Lode Holding chooses sustainability, 690 solar panels on company building

Lode Holding chooses to increase the sustainability of their business activities by placing 690 solar panels. In May of this year the solar panels are installed by solar system supplier

Last year Lode Holding earned their second place in the election of most vital company of their region. CEO Johannes Wolters of Lode Holding: “This project shows not only the health of our employees is important to us, but also the vitality of our environment”. The supplier of measuring devices for a.o. Dafne Schippers and Usain Bolt gives their social responsibility high priority. Therefore the choice for responsible and sustainable energy generation is a logical consequence, according Wolters.

Patrick van der Meulen of is pleased with this project: ‘It is nice that two companies represent the same principles and collectively add value to social responsibility. With the solar panels on the rooftop of Lode Holding, the Zernike Campus area becomes more and more sustainable. Also the local Universities (Hanzehogeschool and Rijksuniversiteit) and soccer association chose solar energy of’.

The solar system will deliver the company and her subsidiaries about 160.000 kWh electricity yearly. This meets the total demand of the company and thereby the company thrives solely on sustainable energy. klein ws



19-12-2016 Season's Greetings from Lode Holding

Lode Holding feestelijke groet 2017

Lode Holding would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a healthy 2017!

Lode Holding will be closed from Deember 26 until January 1.

You can reach us again on Monday, January 2, 2017.

07-11-2016 Lode Holding in promotional movie Groningen 

During the "European Week of Regions and Cities" (Open Days) last month in Brussels, Groningen has presented itself as rightly Healthy Ageing region. For years the Groningen region distinguishes itself strongly on this issue and can be proud of what has already been achieved (and there is more to come). The promotional video of Groningen, created as part of the program in Brussels, therefore rightly earned the cooperation of important regional promotors in the field of healthy ageing like Lode Holding. See this link for the video. 

07-09-2016 Lode Lode Holding 2nd in Most Vital Company of Groningen election

Today, the election took place of the Most Vital Company of Groningen. Lode Holding and its subsidiaries Lode, ProCare, Umaco and aXtion are very proud that they have won the 2nd place in the election. 

Read the press release here.

Vitaalste Bedrijf Groningen - 2e plaats

23-06-2016 Prime Minister Mark Rutte meets Lode

On June 1, Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited the Health Hub Roden. He was talking with entrepreneurs about the business climate in the region and about Healthy Ageing. As a member of Health Hub Roden, Lode presented themselves during this visit. Lode showed the developments in the field of algorithms and software for the blood pressure monitor in combination with Lode equipment.

Lode - Mark Rutte -  1 juni 2016