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1946 - 1982 
Freerk Lode starts Lode as a sole proprietorship at the Oosterstraat 38 in Groningen. A few years later, Lode's Instruments was founded. Shortly after that, Lode began to develop and produce ergometers. The company is also a instruments manufactorer with various products (a.o. for medical applications).

     Freerk Lode met oude lijst

Lode Holding (with subsidiary Lode) is founded by local shareholders and is a restart of Lode 's Instrumenten. The company moves from the Oosterstraat to the Protonstraat in Groningen. 


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1984 - 1991
In 1984 Lode was taken over by the American multinational AH Robins Co. As a part of an American group, global export is set up. Lode also distributes products from her American sister companies in Europe. American Home Product Co., a large listed international company, buys AH Robins Co and so also Lode. Lode moves to Zernike Science Park and settles on Zernikepark 16.

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1992 - 2002
In 1992, the management takes over Lode and therewith Lode is an independent Dutch company again. In 1994, the quality system (a.o. for medical devices) of Lode Holding becomes certified for the first time. Dynavit, a German manufacturer of ergometers, is taken over in 1997. The production is continued at Zernikepark 16 in Groningen.

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Lode Holding launched its own distribution company of professional medical and occupational measuring instruments for the Netherlands, ProCare. The direct sales activities in the Netherlands of Lode and the trading activities of the Koenders Group in Almere are accommodated in ProCare. ProCare organizes seminars and (certified) courses for the different target groups. Later on, ProCare can also offer complete technical services.


Lode Holding starts Umaco. Umaco is a specialized product development company with a focus on specific developments for customers in the Life Science sector.



2007 - 2008
In 2007, the building of Lode Holding gets expanded with 700 square meters. In 2008 Lode Holding takes over Bonte Technology, a producer of treadmills. The production is continued at Zernikepark 16. The building at Zernikepark 16 , Groningen , is being reopend after the expansion and the renovation of the old part of the building. This reopening is being celebrated together with the 60th anniversary of Lode , the 25th anniversary of Lode Holding and the 5th anniversary of ProCare.


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2009 - 2010
In 2009, Lode Holding takes over aXtion. aXtion engages in innovative ICT solutions for the care and welfare sector. In 2010 aXtion moved to the building of Lode Holding at Groningen.

In 2009 Lode Holding wins the Groningen Enterprise Award! The jury praised Lode Holding mainly because of its innovative and international performance.


   Groninger ondernemersprijs - A

2011 - 2013
This period is marked by several successful market introductions and significant growing number of collaborations with various research institutions. Also a huge increase in the number of major conferences, exhibitions and internet platforms are attended in this period.



At the beginning of 2014 Lode Holding takes over Biometrics Motion. Biometrics Motion is successful in the field of knowledge-intensive measuring equipment for biomechanical measurements, such as are used in motion labs. As a result, the company has acquired a complete range of motion scientific equipment. During 2014 all activities of Biometrics Motion are integrated into the daughters Lode and ProCare.